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Congrats Alexandria!!!!

Djimon at an international show today at Köping (swedish kennel
club) and he won the champion class and went Best male and
took the CACIB (international CAC). He also was BOB over an
Irish importbitch. Barbara Wood was judging
Poodle Club of Canada  BIS winner!!!!!
AmCanCH Charade Kasmir at Draco
Kazz is owned by Helen Hamilton of Pomroth Poodles
"Charade Draco American Dream"
aka Kain
Owned by  Kennel Cherno-Beloe Kino
Nadezhda Nikolashina, Russia

*      Youth Champion of Russia ,

*      Youth SPK (Russian Poodle Club) Champion,

*      SPK Champion,

*      Russian Champion,

*      RKF (Russian Kynological Federation) Champion,

*      Belarus Champion,

*      Bulgarian Champion,

*      Macedonia Champion,  

*      Crna Gora Champion,

*      Balkan Champion,

*      Romanian Champion

*      Hungary Champion

*      Hungary Poodle Club Champion,

*      Vice European Champion 2008